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Access Control Flux Echo-line Namibia

Fast, intelligent and reliable inductive vehicle loop detectors

FLUX is a range of single channel inductive loop detectors designed for vehicle access applications, consisting of a standalone version as well as an 11-pin model. These detectors are responsive, highly sensitive, and utilizes sophisticated software algorithms which adapt to prevent false triggering due to changing environmental conditions.
Easy to use dipswitches, as well as visual and audible feedback of loop operation, ensure a hassle-free installation experience.

The FLUX SA’s clever design allows it to be installed virtually anywhere with a minimum of effort, while FLUX 11 interfaces seamlessly with the standard loop detector 11-pin bases found in the majority of vehicle access systems.

In addition, the FLUX 11 is available in both a low-voltage 12V DC variant as well as a powerful 230V AC model, making it an extremely versatile access control solution and eliminating the need for expensive transformers or time-consuming rewiring.

Typical uses include free-exit loops, safety loops, closing loops for traffic barriers, aiming loops for access control equipment, general vehicle sensing applications.

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