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Supa Helix Transmitter & Receivers Echo-line Namibia


SupaHelix hasn’t just raised the bar in multi-unit access control – it’s changed the game completely. A high-security controller with an intuitive navigation interface that offers a multitude of features as well as event logging, makes for an access control system that delivers unmatched convenience, security, logging and administration.

Main features

20 000 user capacity
This isn’t the So-So Helix, this is the SupaHelix, which means that there are no half-measures taken. With a huge 20 000 user memory capacity (10 000 remote buttons and 10 000 phone numbers with the optional plug-in GSM module fitted), the SupaHelix advanced access control and monitoring system is most at home in large, high-density residential complexes.

Easy setup and visual diagnostics

The most advanced civilisations in history knew the power of conveying information visually – with a large LCD screen and user-friendly four-button navigation, setting up the system is as intuitive as taking your next breath.

Easy management of individual access
Users can be selectively added or deleted within groups and subgroups which means no more tiresome, disruptive and frustrating blanket operations. Each user can be given the individual attention they deserve!

Offsite administration
With CENTURION’s free and secure G-WEB online user interface and the optional GSM module fitted, you are able to add, edit and delete users, view diagnostic messages and logs and bootload your SupaHelix from anywhere in the world!

Transaction logging
The SupaHelix access control and monitoring system electronically logs each and every transaction, enabling you to monitor user activity as well as performing system diagnostics.

Flexible input/output channels
Each of the three channels can be configured as either an input or an output, and the output mode can be set to be momentary, pulsed or latching. Outputs can be used to activate an automatic gate, switch on a pool pump, arm an alarm or control any number of electrical devices, while inputs are perfect for performing monitoring operations such as tracking how many times a safe door has been opened. With the optional GSM module fitted, you can even be sent SMS notifications if your gate has been left open or somebody blocks your infrared gate safety beams.

Effortless backup and updating of firmware
The SupaHelix provides a convenient onboard USB host which can be used to back up all learned-in users and system settings onto a memory stick within a matter of seconds, and to bootload firmware just as quickly. And it gets better! Using CENTURION’s free online portal, G-WEB, and the optional plug-in GSM module, you can bootload the device over-the-air from the comfort of your home or office.

Powerful monitoring capabilities
Inputs can be configured to send notifications on either rising or falling events, or both, making theSupaHelix the ideal solution for monitoring mains power or alarm systems. The system also comes standard with a built-in input filter which will, if enabled, allow the system to only send notifications if the input signal has been asserted for a user-defined period of time.

Clever design
No matter how passionate one is about technology, nobody likes spending hours trying to figure out which wire goes where. The SupaHelix access control and monitoring system provides removable terminal strips so that setup and maintenance can be as hassle-free as its other attributes.
Good looking
The SupaHelix’s stylish enclosure matches its powerful, multi-faceted brain. Sleek curves that seamlessly flow into one other and a wholly modern look work together to make the SupaHelix an attractive and unobtrusive piece of technology.
When 2G GSM technology meets powerful access control and monitoring, the result is a solution that leaves others in its dust. Unlock the full potential of SupaHelix with the plug-in GSM Module and your reward will be rich functionality, ironclad security and the ultimate in convenience.

Improved monitoring capabilities*
With the GSM Module fitted, you’ll be able to use your SupaHelix’s inputs to their full potential and receive SMS notifications on your phone of events such as an alarm being activated, a gate left open and mains power failed. You can also query the system health remotely, saving you all the hassle of going to site and ensuring that the system always runs smoothly.

Offsite firmware updating*
GSM is short for ‘Great Saver of Money’ – okay, not really, but you’ll be saving considerably on fuel since you won’t even need to drive to site to bootload your SupaHelix with the latest firmware. With theSupaHelix GSM Module, you’ll be able to update firmware with the click of a mouse.

Over-the-Air backup*
Data security is guaranteed with full system backup over-the-air with each synchronisation.

An effortless addition
Like bacon and eggs, the SupaHelix Programming Console and GSM Module were made for each other. The GSM Module simply plugs into the side of the Console, so there’s no need for additional wiring or interfaces.

User access via mobile phone or landline*
Think 10 000 is an impressive number? Well, it is, but 20 000 is an even more impressive number! With theSupaHelix GSM Module fitted, you’ll be able to add an additional 10 000 users to the system. GSM users are able to activate any or all of the device’s outputs via a Missed Call (free), SMS or Please Call Me (free).1Open your gate, arm an alarm, switch on a pool pump or activate a sprinker system (to name but a few possible applications) from absolutely anywhere in the world with GSM network coverage!

1. Dependent on network

Web-based remote control administration*
It’s never been easier to add, edit and delete remotes! You don’t even need to go to site. Simply use the NOVA Uploader plugged into your computer, sync them to the SupaHelix via the internet and they’re in. With your purchase of the SupaHelix GSM Module, you also get free lifetime access to Centurion Systems’ secure online user interface, G-WEB, allowing you to take care of user administration from the comfort of your office.
*Requires 2G GSM network

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